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rainbowbloodhxc in razors_portrait

Name: Rainbowbloodhxc
Age: 16
State: Ca
AIM: um nothing 
MSN: none
YAHOO: gayXpanda@homosexual.com
Email: same as above

How long have you been self injuring? since 4th grade
How do you self injure? Cutting.
Are you trying to stop? nope
If so, are you having a hard time? nope cuz im not trying to stop
Are you embarrassed about cutting? sometimes
Do you hide your cuts/scars? yeea
To what extents have you gone to hide your cuts/scars?uh i have put makeup on them drawn all over then with sharpie
Do you know why you started? um originaly i think it was cuz i just liked the feeling that i could control the pain  i was feeling now i do it for fun
Have you ever been hospitalized? yes
Have you ever needed stitches? yes
Are you on medication? yes
Are you in therapy/counseling? yes
Do your parents know about your self injury? they did before lol
Do other family members, friends, others know about your self injury? just my best friend
If so, how did they find out? lol they saw them magically
Do you like looking at pictures? Why or why not? somtimes they make me lol
Have you ever tried to commit suicide? yes
What do you like better: cuts, scars, or both? Cuts i hate scars
Do you have an experience with self injuring you would like to share?hahahah one time i was cutting to a christian song by call to arms and cut so deep the fat deposits in my arm could be seen really bad and so to lol at myself i drew a face on it and moved it like a mouth lol.
Is there anything else you want to say? i cut cuz i feel like it, yhea my life is pretty fucked up but i can deal with their stupidity and demonic presence, i cut cuz i feel like it thats it nothing more


July 2010

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