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faithinsuicide in razors_portrait


Name: Annie

Age: 21

State: Huddersfield, England.

Email: banana_dog@hotmail.co.uk

How long have you been self injuring? 3 years.

How do you self injure? Cutting, burning, scratching.

Are you trying to stop? No

Are you embarrassed about cutting? Only about people finding out, what they might think and stereotype me. But im not embarressed about doing it.

Do you hide your cuts/scars? Yes.

To what extents have you gone to hide your cuts/scars? Have been wearing long sleeves for past 3 years. Always say im cold, even in summer.

Do you know why you started? No, ther are some suggestions out there though.

Have you ever been hospitalized? No.

Have you ever needed stitches? No, but should have had some for many cuts.

Are you on medication? No.

Are you in therapy/counseling? Have been in the past, but saw 17 therapists in the end and none helped, so i gave up.

If so, do you like your therapist/counselor? Only liked two, but they are not around anymore.

Do your parents know about your self injury? No.

Do other family members, friends, others know about your self injury? No family knows, some friends do.

If so, how did they find out? I told some friends, but most found out when an old friend read my diary.

Do you like looking at pictures? Why or why not? I do, er i dont know why. I guess im just like looking at them.

Have you ever tried to commit suicide? No

What do you like better: cuts, scars, or both? Both.

Do you have an experience with self injuring you would like to share? Not really.

Is there anything else you want to say? Nope.

(feel free to post a picture of yourself) Maybe later.



July 2010

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