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carvingbeauty in razors_portrait


Name: angie
Age: 15
State: ma
AIM: none
MSN: none
How long have you been self injuring? bout a year
How do you self injure? razors, sometimes slapping my wrist with an elastic, scratching
Are you trying to stop? not really
If so, are you having a hard time? not really trying to stop
Are you embarrassed about cutting? a little
Do you hide your cuts/scars? yes
To what extents have you gone to hide your cuts/scars? wearing baggy sweatshirts, jeans
Do you know why you started? i was sitting in the tub one night listening to music and i just decided to slide my razor across my shin. it just felt like all the pain in the world fell away.
Have you ever been hospitalized? no
Have you ever needed stitches? no
Are you on medication? no
If so, what are you on? nothing
Are you in therapy/counseling? no
If so, do you like your therapist/counselor? n/a
Do your parents know about your self injury? no, they would flip
If so, are they supportive?
How did they find out?
Do other family members, friends, others know about your self injury? no, just me
If so, how did they find out?
Do you like looking at pictures? Why or why not? yes. it makes me feel warm inside, soothed
Have you ever tried to commit suicide? no
What happened?
What do you like better: cuts, scars, or both? both
Do you have an experience with self injuring you would like to share? since this is a pro-self-inury site, yeah. the other night i locked the bathroom door and turned on some soft music in the bathroom. then i lit a scented candle and just laid back with a razor and just knicked myself. it was beautiful.
Is there anything else you want to say? if you need support or tips and tricks, im here!


July 2010

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