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lock_my_lips in razors_portrait

Say hi to the new kid. :)

Name: Ariel
Age: 16
State: NC

How long have you been self injuring? About two years
How do you self injure? Straight razors, x-acto blades, sometimes scratching/pinching/hitting myself, rubber bands on my wrist
Are you trying to stop? Not really
If so, are you having a hard time? Not trying
Are you embarrassed about cutting? Sometimes, depends on who I'm around
Do you hide your cuts/scars? Yes.
To what extents have you gone to hide your cuts/scars? Never wearing shorts or short skirts, wearing long sleeves, keeping jackets on all the time
Do you know why you started? One day I just randomly started scratching away at my ankle with a safety pin, and it felt good
Have you ever been hospitalized? Not yet.
Have you ever needed stitches? No.
Are you on medication? No.
Are you in therapy/counseling? Lol. Please, my parents don't believe in that.
Do your parents know about your self injury? Only the cutting, and only part of it. They think I stopped...they haven't seen the rest.
If so, are they supportive? Haha, yeah right.
How did they find out? I was stupid and I wore 3/4 sleeves when I was at work (I was a piano accompanist). My mom saw and that night she confronted me and basically called me demonic...
Do other family members, friends, others know about your self injury? I think my mom told my grandma. I have some friends who know, but only because they cut too.
If so, how did they find out? We saw each other's scars and it went on from there.
Do you like looking at pictures? Why or why not? I guess, I like the blood
Have you ever tried to commit suicide? Nope.
What do you like better: cuts, scars, or both? Cuts. I like how they welt up.
Do you have an experience with self injuring you would like to share? Not at the moment
Is there anything else you want to say? We're all here for the same reason, and I'm ready to talk to anyone who needs it :) Love you all


July 2010

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